A minor rock lick

Rock Lick in A Minor | Guitar Lesson

By Erick Gerber
In Dec 8, 2016

This rock lick uses two different pentatonic shapes from the previous two licks – Pattern 1 (Major Pentatonic Root 5) and Pattern 5 (Minor Pentatonic Root 5).

Like before, we have hammer-ons & pull-offs, slides and bends all combined into one awesome rock lick. Small details like the tuning of your bends, not over-sliding, the clarity\loudness of your hammer-ons and pull-offs will make or break this lick so it’s better to play slowly and accurately, rather than fast and sloppy. As always, practice makes perfect.


Sticking Points

• Start by learning each bar separately, then add them together afterwards.
• Pay attention to the fingering used in the video
• Beware of flat bands and over-sliding

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