Tyrone Mayer Guitar Instructor

Tyrone Mayer

Guitar Hero | Minister of Propaganda | Founder
  • Has over 40 000 hours teaching experience & is fluent in all styles
  • He can play with his guitar behind his head
  • He has played locally and abroad
  • Plays in the band Outside The New
  • Police clearance issued
  • Covid-19 Vaccinated
Stefan Vos Guitar Instructor

Stefan Vos

Guitar Hero
  • Has over 26 000 hours teaching experience
  • Has dedicated himself to the lifelong pursuit of ULTIMATE TONE: The Way of the Tone Master
  • Has played in the UK on stages like The London Astoria & Dublin Castle
  • Has recorded at Beethoven Street Studios previously owned by Seal through a mixing desk once used by David Bowie with one of Brian May’s amps
  • Police clearance issued
  • Covid-19 Vaccinated

Jason Hall

Guitar Hero
  • Has over 2 000 hours teaching experience
  • Currently a top music student at the University of the Witwatersrand
  • Can teach music theory up to grade 8 ABRSM.
  • Looks a bit like Kurt Cobain but can play like Jimmy Page
  • Can play the keys and guitar simultaneously
  • Gigs with a professional jazz quintet
  • Police clearance issued
  • Covid-19 Vaccinated

Jacques Bekker

Guitar Hero
  • Studied jazz and popular music at Tshwane University of Technology
  • Has over 4 000 hours teaching experience
  • Been playing in bands since the age of 16
  • Has biceps bigger than any 12 tone scale
  • Currently in a ``complicated relationship`` with Jazz
  • Police clearance issued
  • Covid-19 Vaccinated