Tyrone Mayer

Guitar Hero | Minister of Propaganda | Founder
  • Has over 18 000 hours teaching experience & is fluent in all styles
  • He can play with his guitar behind his head
  • He has played locally and abroad
  • Plays in the band Outside The New

Craig Goudge

Guitar Hero | Head of Telegenic Talent | Part-Time Rockstar
  • Has over 12 000 hours teaching experience
  • Opened for Metallica on their South African Tour
  • Has mastered an ancient form of power stance called “The Crab”
  • Plays in the band Poverty Of Ideals

Stefan Vos

Guitar Hero
  • Has over 21 000 hours teaching experience
  • Has dedicated himself to the lifelong pursuit of ULTIMATE TONE: The Way of the Tone Master
  • Has played in the UK on stages like The London Astoria & Dublin Castle
  • Has recorded at Beethoven Street Studios previously owned by Seal through a mixing desk once used by David Bowie with one of Brian May’s amps
Erick Gerber | Guitar Instructor

Erick Gerber

Guitar Hero | Content Curator | Graphics Guru
  • Has over 5 000 hours teaching experience
  • He has played at all the major festivals in South Africa & Germany
  • Sucks at Guitar Hero
  • Plays in the band Red Helen & Jesse Clegg

Theo Young

Guitar Hero
  • Can make a guitar sound like a violin
  • Can also teach basic keyboards and music history in addition to theory
  • Prefers playing Fender to guitar hero
  • Has over 5000 hours teaching experience
Darren Powell | Guitar Instructor

Darren Powell

Guitar Hero | Movie Modifications
  • Over 4000 teaching hours
  • Graduated from Tshwane University of Technology 2016 Degree in Music
  • Has the ability to watch a TV series whilst practicing guitar
  • Plays as a session musician locally and abroad
Jacques Bekker | Guitar Hero | Guitar Excellence

Jacques Bekker

Guitar Hero
  • Studied jazz and popular music at Tshwane University of Technology
  • Has over 3000 hours teaching experience
  • Been playing in bands since the age of 16
  • Has biceps bigger than any 12 tone scale
  • Currently in a ``complicated relationship`` with Jazz