• top 4 ear training tips

    The Top 4 Ear Training Tips

    By Jason Hall
    In Apr 26, 2022
    Ear training tips are common. But not so commonly practiced. Training your ears isn’t exactly exciting as learning to play the Randy Rhoads Crazy Train solo. Let’s face it, many guitar players overlook ear training. In particular, the aural element is very important when it comes to ear training....
  • Alternative Guitar Tunings

    Top 4 Alternative Guitar Tunings

    By Jason Hall
    In Sep 4, 2021
    Alternative guitar tunings are very popular amongst major artists. Other than the standard tuning on the guitar, there are many other tunings that we will explore below. As versatile as the guitar is, the vast majority of the time we spend playing the instrument exists in a fairly limited...
  • Practice Routines

    The Top 4 Intentional Practice Routines

    By Jason Hall
    In May 12, 2021
    Practice routines are an unfortunate necessity and, as guitar players, we all want to improve continually and consistently. However, at some point, it becomes clear that our weekly guitar challenges are getting harder and harder to overcome. One we day we may find that simply picking up the instrument...
  • a guitarists journey

    A Guitarists Journey: Enjoying The Milestones

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In Apr 7, 2021
    A guitarists journey and even musicians in general share the idea that they are never done. There is always one more piece, another technique, an alternate phrase, better tone, and, a plethora of other things. These ideas coupled with the selfish nature of learning an instrument the tendency can...
  • music theory

    How Much Music Theory Do You Really Need?

    By Jason Hall
    In Mar 7, 2021
    How much music theory do you really need? At some point, all aspiring guitarists (myself included) ask this question. This question is natural as embarking on the journey to elucidate musical questions we’ve always had can be a long one, and many of us feel apprehensive toward the seemingly...
  • Top 5 Chord Progressions

    Top 5 Chord Progressions

    By Jacques Bekker
    In Feb 2, 2021
    The top 5 chord progressions are the order in which chords are played in a song. They are the foundation of harmony in Western music from the Classical period to the 21st century. Chord progressions define how the melody and rhythm of a song will be determined. Chord progressions are identified by using Roman numerals,...