• Melodic Minor Scale | Guitar Excellence

    The Melodic Minor Scale Deconstructed Part 1

    By Jacques Bekker
    In Mar 13, 2024
    The melodic minor scale is known as the jazz minor scale among seasoned musicians, because of the minor major(-Maj7) sound it creates in your solos. Frequently used by jazz musicians, this notorious sound has also made its appearance in fusion and rock music. The melodic minor has been getting...
  • Playing LIve Guitar | Guitar Lessons | Guitar Excellence

    10 Benefits To Playing Live Guitar

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In Aug 8, 2023
    Playing live guitar can offer numerous benefits that contribute to personal growth, musical development, and overall well-being. Here are our top 10 tips and benefits to playing live guitar and how it can help you. Improved Performance Skills Performing live helps you develop your playing skills under pressure. It...
  • Mastering The Fretboard | Guitar Excellence

    5 Top Tips To Mastering The Fretboard

    By Jason Hall
    In Mar 22, 2023
    Mastering the fretboard is a lifelong pursuit. From learning the names of each string to being able to play literally any chord or scale or lick anywhere on the fretboard, guitar players have to figure out a system of ‘mapping’ their fretboard. In this article I will briefly explain...
  • Olight Arkfeld Review | Guitar Excellence

    Olight Arkfeld Review | Light Up My Lessons

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In Aug 17, 2022
    The Olight Arkfeld was sent to Guitar Excellence to test and review for our guitar lessons. With load-shedding, we wanted to make our lessons go as smoothly as possible without any interruptions. When we were presented with the chance to take the Olight Arkfeld flashlight for a spin, we...
  • Everyday Carry For The Modern Guitar Teacher

    Everyday Carry For The Modern Guitar Teacher

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In May 19, 2022
    Everyday carry or EDC is a very popular term being used currently. YouTube has exploded with this scene. It was a term commonly used by the “prepper” community but has shifted to the more modern man or women. It simply means – the stuff you carry on you to...
  • top 4 ear training tips

    The Top 4 Ear Training Tips

    By Jason Hall
    In Apr 26, 2022
    Ear training tips are common. But not so commonly practiced. Training your ears isn’t exactly exciting as learning to play the Randy Rhoads Crazy Train solo. Let’s face it, many guitar players overlook ear training. In particular, the aural element is very important when it comes to ear training....