• Do I need a guitar to start lessons?

    Yes you do need a guitar to start. It can be either an electric or an acoustic guitar.

  • What is the difference between Guitar Excellence and other teachers?

    We are the only guitar school in the world to give our customers a 360 guitar value-added service experience with personalized lessons, additional online video content and exclusive access to our online shop. The best value-for-money guitar tuition with qualified professionals in the comfort of your own home when it suites you, tailor-made for your own musical goals. You have three options of either home, online or video to suit your needs. We are a monthly membership service and not a “pay-per-lesson” service provider. 

  • Where does Guitar Excellence offer their service and what times are available?

    We offer all the lessons in your own home in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town for home guitar lessons, as well as online lessons and video lessons for the hard to reach places in the rest of South Africa and the world. We can only offer you times once you have registered. We work from Mondays to Friday 9am – 9pm (GMT) and Saturdays from 9am – 2pm (GMT) for online and home guitar lessons. Video guitar lessons are available 365 days a year 24/7.

  • What's the youngest age a person can start guitar lessons?

    We cater for pupils from 8 to 80. You can even teach an old dog a few new tricks. Online and video lessons are available for pupils from the age of 13.

  • Do I need to start learning on an acoustic guitar?

    No. You can start on either an electric or acoustic.

  • How long will it be until I can actually play a guitar?

    There is no specific guideline but from our experience if the pupil applies themselves it will not take longer than two months to strum a few tunes and licks.

  • Can I learn a specific style of music? Like blues/country/rock/metal?

    The lesson will be specifically catered for the pupil’s musical needs. We use our trademarked Musical Quadrant to plan your pathway to Guitar Excellence and then we use our trademarked Players Practice Diary to keep you on track and track your results.

  • I need to buy a guitar, where and what should I buy?

    You may buy a guitar or any other musical equipment directly from our online store – Coming Soon. We will ship your equipment anywhere in the world, as well anywhere in South Africa. In the meanwhile you can use one of our partner stores.

  • What is the difference between online, video and home guitar lessons?

    The only difference between online and home is price and physical presence of a teacher. The lessons are virtually identical with printed guitar sheet music given to the pupil as well as the ability for your instructor to show you how to play a piece of music. Your instructor will also answer any questions you may have regarding the lesson or a general music/guitar topic. The video guitar lessons are pre-recorded videos with notes that can be viewed at any time you wish in our member’s area. You also have a forum to ask questions about anything guitar related.

  • Does Guitar Excellence offer exams?

    We offer Rockschool and Trinity Rock and Pop exams via their official affiliates around the world. Exams are usually done twice a year.

  • Is it possible to buy a gift voucher from Guitar Excellence?

    You can purchase a gift voucher for the budding or experienced guitarist in your life by clicking here.