Jazz guitar lick in C major

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This is a III-VI-II-V-I Jazz Guitar Lick in the key of C Major.

The lick utilizes all the “inside notes” of the harmony. It outlines the exact functions of the chords as played in the progression. So, in terms of modes, you will be highlighting Phrygian, Aeolian, Dorian, Mixolydian and Ionian.

This would be a typical Be-Bop sounding line. It uses 8th notes throughout the line as well as the signature triplet sound deemed popular by Charlie Parker. The progression plays two chords per bar so the movement in the lick happens quick, as you only have 2 beats to highlight each chord.

It is important to get the fingering correct as this is a line generally played by saxophone players and adapted to the guitar. So it might not feel natural at first but with some practice, it will be there.

Fun Fact: This progression is most often used for turnarounds.

Sticking Points:

  • Please note the fingering of the line. It begins with the pinky.
  • There is a triplet in the first bar. When playing with a swing feel, it can be tricky
    so pay special attention to that triplet.
  • Keep your notes even, and make sure that without chord backing you can still
    hear the chords that you are playing. There are two chords per bar.


Click on the link below to download the guitar tablature for this Jazz guitar lick:

Jazz Lick Tab

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