Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt From My Pupils Parents

By Tyrone Mayer
In May 13, 2010

Here are some lessons learnt from my pupils and parents alike in my 20 year plus careers as a music teacher, musician, and guitarist.

Encouragement & Recognition

“Babies cry for it – grown men die for it”

That is such an extremely important saying that every person should have that ingrained in their heads. In business, relationships and family – this is a vital key to letting people excel and grow. Some parents, I find prefer to criticize their children and, some encourage them even at the slightest improvement. I do however notice that after 10 years plus of teaching that there is rarely a balance between the two. I have encountered either one or the other.

I’ve seen first-hand pupils that have gone from knowing nothing to playing a song on the guitar for a few people in 1 month to pupils after 6 months of lessons being terrified to even play in front of me. I used to think it was my cologne causing all their weird faces they pulled as they tried to play that G chord but I was reassured that my Eau du toilette “Manure For Men” had nothing to do with it. My experience in dealing with kids from age 6 to 60 is that some are carefree and let it all out and other pupils tend to be more ‘realistic’ and are more critical. 

When we grow up our ideals seem to be more ‘realistic’ and more attuned to the odds. Perhaps more cynical if you wish. We become more conditioned to accept things as they are in the real grown up world if you will.

Common Excuses

Here are some old-timer sayings I hear very frequently:

  • “Let’s be realistic here for a moment.”
  • “It doesn’t work.”
  • “You can’t do that! You’re too old to learn anything new.”
  • “I’d like to see that.”

If you’re a more mature reader reading this, I know how you feel I’m 31 this year. I know it’s hard to believe but I contribute my youthful glow to my industrial-strength moisturizer SPF 150. The pupils that are brought up in an environment surrounded by encouraging people tend to achieve allot more and progress allot more – no matter what the age! Out of the two, I would honestly try to encourage someone than criticize them. The results are astounding. The environment in which someone is brought up and constantly surrounded by is HUGE. All you have to do is ask yourself is one easy question. Why wouldn’t I want to encourage and surround myself with people that excel in what they want to do and in turn, they will support and encourage me?

Some Tips & Lessons Learnt

  • Believe in people BEFORE you have results from them – this will make them go the extra mile knowing someone believes in their ability
  • Encourage people at every sign of improvement no matter how small
  • There is no substitute for HARD WORK – 10 000 hours is the golden rule for true greatness in any industry
  • Be honest with an objective opinion unless you’re an expert in the field

I leave you with this saying:

“Nothing ever great was achieved by a realistic man” – Unknown

Before you discard that just think of the Wright Brothers when you’re flying to your next destination.

Fuel people’s passions – you’ll be a better person for it.

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