A Guitar Excellence Pupil

A Guitar Excellence Pupil

Meet Murray. He has been a Guitar Excellence pupil for a few months and this video was taken after 2 months with us. We think he rocks.

If you would like to get to be as cool as Murray after a few months then look no further than Guitar Excellence to help you get there.

As a Guitar Excellence pupil you will get:

✅ Guitar lesson at home

✅ On-Demand access to HD videos 24/7

✅ Exclusive online shop & deals

Click on the link below and let’s see how we can rock your world.

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Profile photo of Tyrone Mayer

* He is the founding member of Guitar Excellence * He has over 13 years teaching experience * He can play with his guitar behind his head * He is fluent in all styles * He has played locally and abroad * He can get 100% on “Guitar Hero”


  1. Really enjoyed that – He is having so much fun! So cute

    1. Profile photo of Tyrone Mayer

      Thanks Kim! When are we teaching you and your family to have fun like that?

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