• top 8 guitar amps

    Top 8 Guitar Amps & Songs That Made Them Famous

    By Stefan Vos
    In October 6, 2016
    This is our list of the top 8 guitar amps and the songs that made them famous: Marshall Super Lead #1959 Song: Running With The Devil
 Artist: Eddie Van Halen With the release of Van Halen I in 1978, they changed the world of rock forever. Edward Van Halen...
  • 2 hand tapping

    2 Hand Tapping | Metal Guitar Lesson

    By Erick Gerber
    In October 6, 2016
    This is a 2 hand tapping line using 5 fingers – 3 of your fretting hand and 2 of your picking/tapping hand. It’s in the key of E Minor and in the style of Progressive Metal bands such as The Contortionist and Animals As Leaders. Download the TABS for...
  • Expensive Guitar

    Expensive Guitar – Is It Worth It?

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In September 12, 2016
    In all my years as a guitarist, I’ve always aspired to own and play an expensive guitar. I’ve always owned (and many novice guitar players do own) cheap guitars but is there a difference between a cheap guitar vs an expensive guitar? Can you tell the difference? Is your...
  • Small Business Awards with 702 and Sage One

    Guitar Excellence – Finalist in the Small Business Awards with 702 and Sage One

    By Erick Gerber
    In September 12, 2016
    Guitar Excellence has recently made it to the finals of the Small Business Awards with 702 & Sage One. 702 radio had an interview with owner Tyrone Mayer on 24 August 2016. You can listen to the full interview below: Shortly after the interview Sinikiwe Mqadi published an article on...
  • tosin abasi prof rock riff

    Tosin Abasi Prog Rock Riff | Guitar Lesson

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In September 12, 2016
    This riff screams “Tosin Abasi” and is inspired by typical Animals As Leaders style tapping. What make’s it so interesting is the multiple melodies that are fused into one riff, due to the open strings in-between chord melodies. In progressive metal riffs you will most likely come across ‘mutated...
  • keeping motivation

    Keeping Motivation as a Guitarist

    By Theo Young
    In August 4, 2016
    Balance, Patience and Consistency. Truly these are three methods you should always remember to apply when entering the crazed world of Music! No matter who you are or where you’re from its gonna take time and you’ll find that learning the language of music is a magical journey that...