Musical Development Through Listening

Musical Development Through Listening

By Theo Young
In May 17, 2017

Many of us turn on the radio and tune in on a daily basis as we drive to work or on our way home without considering how it affects our musical development. Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with listening to the radio but no matter what is said, it is a fact that whatever you listen to will affect you as a person and especially a musician! Even though it is important to be listening and staying aware of what is going on around, one should consider how you are to pursue excellence and growth as a musician. You have to feed your soul music that involves your instrument! It is all part of the development and progress of your skills as a musician. For example, a guitarist isn’t going to benefit from listening to rave music or rap. You might learn certain rhyme schemes concerning lyrics and maybe how to get computer generated sounds from a programme but to attain growth in any instrument simply takes dedication and determination. As it is said – there ain’t no way but the hard way!

The Problem of Instant Gratification

Nowadays, a great deal of our modern day life has a quick fix regarding food or arrangements through cell phones or even getting from one place to another. Music, however, is just one of those things that can’t be done overnight. There are helpful tools to help develop your skills such as certain computer software and the internet which helps one to find information on a specific topic very quickly. One can also find lots of videos which are really helpful in learning. With audio recording software, you are now also able to record yourself and edit/tweak it to get the results you want. These are advantages in the modern age but there are also disadvantages. Many people use programmes like auto-tune to cover up their ability to perform. This is a danger because of individuals that aren’t willing to put in the work. As a musician, you must be able to identify and consider how some music is made.

In Conclusion

So getting to the point – you must consider music as true and respect it as an artform that takes skills to execute to perfection. Guitar, for example, is hard work but it’s also therapy for one’s soul! So keep it real and be aware of what is being played and how it is made. Plastic or fantastic? Keeping it real and true will reap benefits for you as a player way more than listening to music that can’t be made by a real instrument.


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