• guitar effects buzzwords all analogue

    Guitar Effects Buzzwords, Vol. 3: All Analogue

    By Stefan Vos
    In February 12, 2018
    The ‘Golden Age’ of guitar effects you say? Sounds fantastic! Anything I should know about, any words of caution? Well, yes, actually. Don’t fall for the hype. Be informed regarding ‘the latest and the greatest’ trend. Know what the buzzwords are all about. The following for your edification:  ...
  • Songwriting With Chords

    By Devlon Horne
    In February 11, 2018
    It could be said that songs consist of only three things and they are namely melody, lyric and chords. Let’s have a look at how to focus on the use of guitar chord changes in the songwriting process and how you can use them to make your songs communicate...
  • funk guitar

    Funk Guitar Lesson: ‘Get The Funk Out’

    By Erick Gerber
    In January 31, 2018
    In this Funk guitar lesson, we’re going to work on playing chords and adding muted strumming in-between. This exercise is designed to help you work on getting your muted notes perfectly silent while playing your chords flawlessly too. Always make sure that there is a clear difference or contrast...
  • True Bypass

    Guitar Effects Buzzwords, Vol. 2: True Bypass

    By Stefan Vos
    In January 8, 2018
    As I’ve mentioned before, the ‘Golden Age’ of guitar effects we find ourselves in can have some accompanying pitfalls, one of which is deciphering the buzzwords that appear to be ‘all the rage’, and not falling for something that may simply be a trend designed to get you to...
  • music globalization

    Music Globalization

    By Craig Goudge
    In January 8, 2018
    I’ve always been interested in the idea of globalization. How the whole world is connected and more exposed to each other than ever before. I’d like to try starting a discussion on the effect this has on music worldwide: Positive and negative. The Internet has given the world access...
  • ear training in the everyday life

    Ear Training Basics and Choosing The Right Instrument

    By Theo Young
    In November 2, 2017
    I remember my first guitar – the sheer excitement of just wanting to hit the strings and play a song and feel how it adjusts to my hand. Having your own instrument is truly is a unique experience. Where nowadays most might prefer an iPad or a fancy cell...