Funk guitar lesson - the muting technique part 1

Funk Guitar Lesson: The Muting Technique (Part 1)

By Erick Gerber
In Oct 31, 2018

In this lesson, we’re going to work on three things:

  1. Developing your 16 note rhythmic prowess at different tempos. Feeling 16 notes to a metronome is considerably more challenging than 8th notes.
  2. The muting technique – playing all the strings without a single note or harmonic ringing out. This gives it a very percussive feel.
  3. Strumming speed (increasing tempo gradually), consistency (keeping a 16 note pulse for a long amount of time without stopping) and control (adding in an accent on every quarter-note pulse).

The ‘x4’ repeat indicators on the tab are just a guideline. Start at 80 BPM and repeat it as many times as it takes until you feel comfortable with the above 3 areas of technique.

After that, move on to 90 BPM, then 100 BPM, etc. until you can play this exercise at 130 BPM.

The ‘Speed Trainer’ function on Guitar Pro is a much easier, more convenient way of working on speed so if you have Guitar Pro, I would highly recommend using the Speed Trainer.


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  1. This is a short but valuable lesson. String muting
    is a huge part of playing guitar, and it’s one of
    coolest things to play. Knowing the proper ways to
    Mute your guitar strings is an asset to any player.

    I’ve played with guitarists who never learned or
    practiced this skill and it was obvious. Having random
    strings ring out during your guitar solo is not how
    you impress the audience. Practice muting with both
    your left and right hands equally. This is a skill
    you will use constantly.

    1. Profile photo of Tyrone Mayer

      Thanks Kelsey we totally agree with you! Yeah a sloppy right hand is not great.

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