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Rock Riff Guitar Lesson

This is a typical rock riff in the style of classic rock. It can give you some ideas for your own rock riffs. Using these techniques in this context is a great starting point to build on, using your own creativity.

In this rock riff, there are power chords being played while hammer-ons and pull-offs are performed on certain notes of the chord. Be sure to not accidentally touch the other strings (below or above) when performing the hammer-ons/pull-offs as it might cause them to stop ringing out. The same goes for when you perform hammer-ons/pull-offs on single strings as touching the other strings might cause them to make unwanted noise.

Sticking Points

  • Make sure your hammer-ons and pull-offs are well-pronounced
  • Use as many fingers as possible when doing string mutes/rakes
  • Try not to mute strings of the chords when doing a pull-off or a hammer-on on one string

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