Monster Rock Riff

Monster Rock Riff | Guitar Lesson

There’s a very popular combination of legato techniques in Rock guitar playing. It starts with a bend-and-release, followed by a pull-off and then a hammer-on a few notes later. This classic combination is clearly displayed multiple times in this monster rock riff.

Practice this combination until it’s like second nature to you, and your Rock riffs and solos will improve tenfold.

A few things to look out for:

* Playing the correct up/down strokes at the right times can really make a huge difference to how easy or difficult this monster rock riff can be. Pay close attention to the up/down strokes played by the instructor in the video to see when he’s doing up or down strokes. Otherwise check where they are indicated on the accompanied Guitar Pro tab.

* Make sure that the bends in this monster rock riff are bent a full whole step up from the fret that’s being played i.e. to the equivalent of 2 frets above. Also remember that since some of the bends are performed on a higher string, (strings 5) be sure to bend down towards string 1 and not up towards string 6 i.e. a pulling action, not a pushing action. The bends that are performed on a lower string (string 3) are then bent up with a pushing action.

Sticking Points

  • Use as many fingers as possible for string mutes/rakes
  • Practice the timing of your bend-and-release to get rhythmic separation instead of a gradual sound
  • Make sure there is a clear distinction between palm-muted and non-palm-muted notes


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