Memoirs Of An Intern

By Tyrone Mayer
In November 8, 2011

Here is a post by our own Intern of his experiences over the last 6 months here at Guitar Excellence. Take it away Ilia!

It’s all too often the situation, where a guitarist must subdue his desire of constant axe wielding to be able to make time for more conventional past times. What is this demon that might hinder a fellow axe slinger’s right to yield what was meant for him to yield?

A Swiss university called the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. If anyone hasn’t quite grasped the picture yet, that means business economics with a specialty in hospitality while living in Switzerland. Fortunately, there was a light at some curve in this tunnel.

EHL requires that their students execute an internship at two points in their studies. Fortunately, the second one proved far less limiting than the first as I was allowed to execute managerial activities in any field out there. Hence, the world of music was my first and only option!

Fast forward a few weeks of painfully boring exams and we arrive at Guitar Excellence, a brand whose development has interested me for quite some time. To me, traditional guitar tuition versus Guitar Excellence is comparable to PC versus Macintosh. With a bit of time to evolve the user friendly nature of Guitar Excellence, revolutionizing the guitar lesson world would truly be within their grasp. There was no other place I wanted to be but to participate in the growth of a brand that I believed to be a modern day innovation.

Today, I hold my internship at Guitar Excellence as Assistant Brand Manager and work under Guitar Excellence’s fearless leader, Tyrone Mayer. However, while there is genius to his methods, there most definitely is madness.  With the words of Kurt Cobain, if it were illegal to rock n’ roll, Tyrone’s ass would be thrown in jail! But that’s a story for some other blog post! Instead, let’s take a look at what we’ve been working on:

South African Expansion

Guitar Excellence is well established as the leader in guitar lessons for South Africa. It’s quite a claim to be titled with. However, we don’t believe we’ve even tapped our potential in unlocking South Africa’s dormant guitarists. By the end of this year, we plan to be well functional within the Western Cape as the next step to the company’s crusade!

International Expansion

Technology to today’s youth is like what water is to fish. We’re down with that! From August 2011, Guitar Excellence will be launching their Live Online Lessons to cater to anyone who wants a piece of this excellent candy coated guitar topped cake! Am I right hater’s! All that’s required is that you have your technology setup and ready to go, cause we’ll be there waiting for you to take your guitar playing skills to where you want them to be. Anywhere in the world! Unlike videos you have live feedback by one of our Pros!

Parental Friendliness

We’ve taken Guitar Excellence, looked at it, done strange things to it, looked at it again and have emerged with appropriate designs in user interface interactions that make your job as the provider as effortless as possible. Responses are prompt, the service is smooth, registration is too easy and payment procedures are even easier. All that we’re interested in is that your focus is aimed at learning guitar.


My understandings of Tyrone’s insanity have been born from this activity. However, it was for a greater cause. We’re utilizing the online world in our home tuition too. We’ve banished the age old way of paper back storage and have all our teaching material safely stored in our own platforms of Cloud Computing. The result, easier access to valuable guitar resources, information already organized for you and a cleaner environment.

So that brings me to the end of this issue folks. Rest assured, there’s more in the pipeline, but anything more would be telling. We’re constantly providing interesting guitar related resources on our Facebook page . Please drop by and drop a comment! Otherwise, happy guitar playing peeps! We’re working hard to design an experience for you, after all, we understand your passion in guitar. We’ve been there and still are!

Keep on rockin’!

Ilia Zachary Zolas

Assistant Brand

Guitar Excellence

Profile photo of Tyrone Mayer

* He is the founding member of Guitar Excellence * He has over 13 years teaching experience * He can play with his guitar behind his head * He is fluent in all styles * He has played locally and abroad * He can get 100% on “Guitar Hero”


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