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Funk Guitar Lesson: ‘Get The Funk Out’

In this Funk guitar lesson, we’re going to work on playing chords and adding muted strumming in-between. This exercise is designed to help you work on getting your muted notes perfectly silent while playing your chords flawlessly too.

Always make sure that there is a clear difference or contrast between your muted strumming and when you strum a chord. You need to be able to quickly switch between muted notes and played notes or chords, which is exactly what you should be able to do after you master this exercise.

Sticking Points:

  • Remember to keep the accent on the quarter-note pulse and keep in time
  • You need to get no muted notes when playing the chord and, absolutely no notes of the chord should be heard when muting the strings
  • Keep your hand in the shape of the chord in order to change quickly between muting and playing the chord

This video is part of a series of funk guitar lesson videos called ‘FUNKtionality – An Introduction to Funk Guitar’ – where we have many funk guitar lessons and courses.

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