News: GE Instructors Take Home SAMMA Awards

By Erick Gerber
In Apr 24, 2018

2018 marks the 3rd year that a Guitar Excellence instructor’s band has been awarded prizes at the annual SAMMA evening for their outstanding performance. Our teachers continue to prove that Guitar Excellence only hires the best in the business.

What is the SAMMA?

The SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards) is an annual event hosted at Rumours Rock City in Randburg, South Africa which awards the top bands in the niche market that is the South African ‘Metal’ scene.


Seated guests at the SAMMA evening 2018

Seated guests at the SAMMA evening 2018

Running Wolf’s Rant describes the SAMMA as follows:

“The South African Metal Music Awards was born in 2014 out of a desire to honour the hard work of South African metal music, a genre often overlooked in conventional awards ceremonies. A key objective includes building a strong sense of South African pride in the Metal which this nation produces, and to encourage bands and fans from different parts of the country to become familiar with great music and entertainment from other cities.

The SAMMA team comprises of various volunteers who all want to see the South African metal scene and industry grow both within our borders, and then to the greater world. What better way to showcase this, than an awards ceremony that acknowledges the bands who have worked hard to produce a great product!”

Read their full article here.

SAMMA Awards Received by Our Instructors

Poverty Of Ideals – Best Guitarist (2014)

In 2015, Guitar Excellence Instructor Craig Goudge received the ‘best guitarist’ of 2014 award for his work in his band, Poverty Of Ideals.

SAMMA Best Guitarist

Poverty Of Ideals – Best Prog Metal (2015)

In 2016, Poverty Of Ideals took home another award namely ‘Best Prog Metal’ for 2015, meaning that they were recognised as the best band in their genre/category.

SAMMA best prog metal

See below links to Poverty Of Ideals’ media:

Listen to POI


Listen to POI on Google Play Music

Listen to POI on Deezer

Listen to POI on BandCamp


Red Helen – Best Music Video (2017)

In this year’s SAMMA (2018, awarding achievements for 2017), instructor Erick Gerber‘s band Red Helen took home the award for ‘Best Music Video’. You can watch the video below:

Red Helen – Best Album Release (2017)

Red Helen also received the ‘Best Album’ award for their debut album ‘Trading Past For Pathways’. (See links to their album below)

Red Helen Receiving SAMMA award

Red Helen Receiving SAMMA award

Album links:

Listen to Red Helen on Apple Music


Listen to Red Helen on Google Play Music

Listen to Red Helen on Deezer

Listen to Red Helen on BandCamp

Red Helen – Best Core Metal (2017)

Award number 3 for Red Helen acknowledged them as the best act in their genre/category (Core Metal).

Red Helen holding their 3 SAMMA trophes

Red Helen holding their 3 SAMMA trophies

See below links to Red Helen’s social media pages:

Facebook Page


Here is the full list of SAMMA 2018 Results.

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