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5 Songs To Serenade Mom With This Mother’s Day

By Erick Gerber
In May 11, 2018

Do you want to do something extra special for your mom this mother’s day, but you’re running a little low on cash? Or maybe she feels too bad when you spend money on her and appreciates gestures more than gifts (moms for the win!). Well, lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of 5 great “mom songs” to serenade her with this Mother’s Day, complete with lyrics, chord diagrams and song links.

1. ‘Turn To You’ – Justin Bieber

Starting off with a song that has some relatively simple open chords, Justin Bieber’s ‘Turn To You’ is a heartwarming Mother’s Day tribute. The main featured instrument on the recorded track is acoustic guitar, making this a perfect choice. Although the song is in the key of E Minor, we’re playing it with a capo on fret 5, so the chords below are all relative to capo.

Download our Chords & Lyrics PDF.

 2. ‘She Is…’ – Between The Trees

For the Pop Punk fans out there – Between The Trees does a great mom song about the huge amount of small things a mom does that make you feel special and loved. It’s not as popular as some of the other songs on this list, but it’s one of our favourites, so we just had to throw it in here.

Download our Chords & Lyrics PDF for this song.


3. ‘Thank You Mom’ – Good Charlotte

Here’s a classic acoustic sing-along type of song by Good Charlotte. The vocals, strumming and chord progressions are all fairly repetitive and memorable, making this an easy choice for mother’s day.

Click here for the chords & lyrics chart.


4. ‘Mom’ – Meghan Trainor

If your mom is more into over-the-top happy, vibey songs, check out Meghan Trainor’s ‘Mom’. Similar to the last one, this song’s chords and strumming is quite repetitive (in fact, even more so). It’s a simple 4-bar progression that repeats throughout most of the song, with the exception in the Bridge section.

If you struggle with barre chords, try putting a capo on fret 4 and playing the open chords: C Am Dm G relative capo.

Check out the chords and lyrics here.


5. ‘You Can’t Lose Me’ – Faith Hill

Last but not least, this one is for the Country music lovers out there. This song is sung from the perspective of a mom saying to her child: “No matter the obstacles in life and how many times you will lose, you can’t lose me as a mother.” If you really want to show your mom that you understand how she feels about you and how she’s always been there for you, then this is the perfect song.

If Country is not your vibe, or if the song feels too cheesy for you, then try and adapt the rhythm slightly and sing the song as your own. It’s got great bones and the message will come through strong with any adaptation.

Click here for the chords and lyrics.


Now go forth and wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day the right way – with a guitar in your hands and sincerity in your heart.

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