Expensive Guitar

Expensive Guitar – Is It Worth It?

By Tyrone Mayer
In Sep 12, 2016

In all my years as a guitarist, I’ve always aspired to own and play an expensive guitar. I’ve always owned (and many novice guitar players do own) cheap guitars but is there a difference between a cheap guitar vs an expensive guitar? Can you tell the difference? Is your expensive guitar worth it?

Well, we found a really cool video demonstrating the difference between a cheap $150 entry level guitar and an expensive $5000 Martin acoustic guitar.  We could spot a few key differences. The key here is to not look at the video but to rather close your eyes. Try to look away while he demonstrates the difference in tone by playing the two identical pieces back to back.

Some pointers to help you:

  • Do you hear more highs, lows or mids?
  • Does the guitar sound full or “tinny”?
  • Do you hear clarity when strumming?
  • Can you hear the notes loud, clear and crisp?

Let us know what you think in the comments section and how many times you could tell the expensive guitar was being played or the cheap one. Or if you could even tell a difference at all.



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