music globalization

Music Globalization

By Craig Goudge
In Jan 8, 2018

I’ve always been interested in the idea of globalization and how the whole world is connected. We are more exposed to each other than ever before in the entire history. I’d like to try starting a discussion on the effect this has on music worldwide. Both the positive and negative. The Internet has given the world access to anything they want and, has given people the ability to give the whole world access to. In this specific case the most common language in the world – music.

Positive Globalization

The positive attributes are clear. A much larger audience with easier access to your music and merchandise. Organising tours all around the world and connecting with other bands and artists has never been this easy and, this all allows musicians a chance to make a living from their career.

Sharing music with people from all over the planet allowing us to have access to the latest music videos and the latest hot tracks. The positive side is the global music scene we all have access to. The fact that people can learn to the extent that is possible creates monster musicians who push boundaries in their crafts.

Negative Globalization

Now for the negative aspects. Breaking down these boundaries and having one global platform sets a ‘standard’ that most of the planet will undoubtedly replicate. All the ‘successful’ bands and artists tend to be from the popular culture, and the mass majorities of people listen too are exposed to whatever is trending. The internet blurs the lines between borders, and this is how we have heavy metal in Africa. Pop music in Japan and rock n’ roll in India. This can be seen as both a good and bad thing for music all over the world.

The sad side is we are slowly killing off traditional music. I mean traditional in the sense of being indigenous to a specific reason, untouched by outside forces. We all know it still exists and it is being kept alive by a small percentage of people, but sooner or later it will be history.

Discuss your thoughts below.


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