Common Beginner Mistakes On Guitar

Common Beginner Mistakes On Guitar

Most beginners guitarist’s, more often than not come face to face with many common beginner mistakes on guitar. Along with a seemingly unclimbable wall of obstacles and aspirations. Some people at this point attempt to climb this wall, some succeed and some don’t, and other people merely turn around and go home. Alas, Guitar Excellence is here to your rescue. Don’t worry we are here to help you get over the most common beginner mistakes on guitar and help prevent them from even happening. So take notes.

Playing the guitar is no exception. It brings about many unforeseen obstacles that just make playing the guitar not fun. What most beginners don’t realise is that these obstacles can be overcome with a little perseverance and inner strength. Most of the time this can be achieved in a lot less than expected.

This article is about a few of the obstacles that most people face sometime or another in their musical journey to conquer the guitar and provides some sort of guide, perhaps even some relief, of how to overcome these and unleash music’s inner beauty and power.

The biggest misconception people have about the guitar is that they’ll be able to just pick up the instrument, fiddle around a bit and then start rocking out and soloing to their favourite songs. The ultimate goal of fame, fortune and everything else is also a goal of many aspiring guitarists.

The awesome truth is that it takes a lot more than that (how boring would it be if everyone were rock stars!).

1) Physical Obstacles

Sore fingers, bad sounding chords and fret buzzing.

Well, sore fingers are one aspect every guitar player has had to deal with. There’s no way around this one except to hold out until your fingers are used to playing the guitar. It’s important to remember that guitar playing is supposed to be fun, so if your fingers are really hurting and you’re not enjoying yourself, put the guitar down and have a break.

Bad sounding chords and fret buzzing are also natural problems that occur when first playing the guitar. Your fingers aren’t used to stretching, moving and pushing down in this way. It’s new for them as well. So give it time and keep on practicing and eventually it will come.

2) Psychological Obstacles

These types of obstacles are all in your head and often a shift in attitude is all that’s needed to help you overcome them. Often physical obstacles, such as your chords sounding terrible, are the source of these problems. Thinking to yourself ‘I’m never going to get these chords sounding awesome, cause they sound terrible every time I play them’ merely feeds both problems at the same time. You’re thinking becomes one of failing which is ‘strengthened’ by actually hearing how bad your chords sound. In reality, all you need to do is keep on practicing with a good and positive attitude and you’ll wake up one day (in the very near future) and you’ll be rocking those chords!

3) Playing Songs You Don’t Enjoy

The first question that so many guitar students ask is ‘When can I play this song? It’s my favourite!’ And after being let down as gently as possible go home hating their guitar teacher to some degree or another. Unfortunately, most of the songs you dig and dream of playing are too advanced in the beginning. You must first take the time to learn the basic fundamentals like chords. Simple chord progressions and scales are the next step. Then you can go on to soloing to your favourite songs. Many people quit trying to learn guitar because they are so bored with the basics. You have to walk before you can run.

4) Forgetting To Have Fun

The main goal for any musical instrument is to enjoy what you’re doing. People get so caught up in what they can’t do on the instrument that playing the guitar becomes something that they hate doing, which is the complete antithesis of how it should be played. Music is about self-expression and creating something beautiful! Forget about how good all the rock gods are/were. You’re not them. Some of you will be like them, others won’t. What you need to remember is that you are you and no-one else plays the guitar like you do. Sure there’s nothing wrong with striving to be better and improving your skill on the guitar, but do it while having the most fun possible and the journey will be a million times more enjoyable and worth it.

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