``From my early teens to the present day as a recording artist, I continue to learn new things about this beautiful instrument. My knowledge and playing have continued to grow and I could not have done it with anyone else.
I highly recommend Guitar Excellence!``

Jesse CleggInternational Recording Artist

“The guitar is such an amazing instrument, which requires a little more understanding beyond the basics of the instrument. An understanding I didn’t have until I worked with Guitar Excellence. It has just catapulted my ability and my love for the guitar…Is it weird now that I sometimes wish I could go to sleep with my guitar in hand?”

Emmanuel CastisActor & Singer

``I always wanted to learn to play the guitar but could not find the time to travel with my hectic schedule. Now I learn from my home at a time that fits in with me. These guys are hands down the best in the business.``

Graham DCEO

“In only TWO months my playing has gone from not knowing anything to playing full songs! I am extremely happy with these guys!”

Kami NScholar

“We have learnt so much from these guys. The absolute best in the business!”

Sarah and James MScholars

“These guys’ professionalism and tailor-made lessons for me have taken my playing to new heights. Thoroughly enjoyable!”

Mike LScholar

“No teacher has EVER been able to teach me the way these guys do. These guys know there stuff!“

Jon-Henri CScholar

“These guys have taken my playing to new heights. I could not of done it without them!”

Tom DScholar

“After a few lessons I was already playing a song. These guys are awesome!”

Nick GStudent

“My playing has accelerated from knowing a few chords to making my own solos. NO ONE knows there stuff as well as these guys. Period.”

Eric SStudent

“I’m learning all my favourite songs from my favourite bands. I’m loving it!”

Ryan RStudent