• Songs Every Beginner Should Know

    By Richard Oldfield
    In June 14, 2010
    For the beginner guitarist, here is a list of 9 songs that are easily recognisable, easy to learn and will leave you feeling good after a run through. By learning these 9 songs every beginner should know you will have covered some essential basics e.g. strumming patterns, string skipping with the plectrum, barre...
  • Finger Style Bass

    By Daniel Herber
    In June 7, 2010
    There are many different styles of playing the bass guitar; most prominent among rock bassists is the use of a pick, or plectrum, to get a more clearly defined sound out of each note. Jazz, Blues and funk styles favour the use of plucking the four (or five) strings...
  • Common Beginner Mistakes On Guitar

    By Daniel Widmonte
    In May 30, 2010
    Most beginners, when starting out at anything new, more often than not come face to face with a seemingly unclimbable wall of obstacles. Some people at this point attempt to climb this wall, some succeed and some don’t, and other people merely turn around and go home. Alas, Guitar...
  • Lessons Learnt From My Pupils Parents

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In May 13, 2010
    Encouragement and Recognition: Babies cry for it – grown men die for it. That is such an extremely important saying that every person should have that ingrained in their heads. In business, relationships and family – this is a vital key to letting people excel and grow. I find...
  • Compression Pedals: What’s the Big Deal? (Part 1)

    By Stefan Vos
    In May 13, 2010
    During the course of our lives as guitar players and enthusiasts, many of us have developed a particularly dire malady. I guess it may be traced back to the hours spent drooling over the latest cool guitar/amp/effect pedal that arrived at our local music store, or perhaps the sense...
  • Compression Pedals: What’s the Big Deal? (Part 2)

    By Stefan Vos
    In May 13, 2010
    Welcome back to our discussion regarding compression pedals. Last time I mentioned being under-awed by a compressor when trying it out at a store. After taking some advice, I returned for another go and this time set the compressor quite subtly and then left it on for about 10...