• How To Accelerate Your Guitar Playing

    By Anthony Bierman
    In August 13, 2010
    The first thing to do when deciding to accelerate your guitar playing in a certain period of time is to set short-term reachable goals within a long term goal. The long term goal here would be to advance your playing in a period of six months. In order to...
  • How To Get A Stevie Ray Vaughan Tone

    By Daniel Widmonte
    In July 26, 2010
    Possibly one of the most sort after guitar tones, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s signature sound is an ongoing debate in the musical world today. Being introduced to SRV and Double Trouble, and after recovering from my face melt by Stevie’s pure natural guitaring abilities, the facet that most captured mine...
  • 10 Jazz Musicians To Help Mold Your Playing

    By Anthony Bierman
    In July 7, 2010
    One of the most important jazz musicians to study to shape your playing would be saxophonist Charlie Parker one of the founding fathers of the bebop era of jazz. Many musicians transcribe and learn to play his solo’s to delve into the style of Parker, his rhythmic language, in...
  • Songs Every Beginner Should Know

    By Richard Oldfield
    In June 14, 2010
    For the beginner guitarist, here is a list of 9 songs that are easily recognisable, easy to learn and will leave you feeling good after a run through. By learning these 9 songs every beginner should know you will have covered some essential basics e.g. strumming patterns, string skipping with the plectrum, barre...
  • Finger Style Bass

    By Daniel Herber
    In June 7, 2010
    There are many different styles of playing the bass guitar; most prominent among rock bassists is the use of a pick, or plectrum, to get a more clearly defined sound out of each note. Jazz, Blues and funk styles favour the use of plucking the four (or five) strings...
  • Common Beginner Mistakes On Guitar

    By Daniel Widmonte
    In May 30, 2010
    Most beginners, when starting out at anything new, more often than not come face to face with a seemingly unclimbable wall of obstacles. Some people at this point attempt to climb this wall, some succeed and some don’t, and other people merely turn around and go home. Alas, Guitar...