• Mistakes Guitar Players Make

    By Dewald Pretrious
    In April 19, 2011
    Do you know how some guitar players practice most days of the week, work hard, and are passionate about their playing, but they always struggle to be able to play the way they want to? They are frustrated because they don’t improve fast enough, begin doubting their potential, or...
  • Variety In Your Lead Guitar Playing

    By Richard Globisch
    In April 4, 2011
    It’s important to always remember that music is a form of communication. Through music, one should try to convey a feeling, an emotion or a message. And usually, one tries to do this in a manner where the listener doesn’t get bored. We vary the speed we talk at,...
  • Fender American Special Guitar Review

    By Stefan Vos
    In March 13, 2011
      Here is the Fender American Special Review link if you need it. A great guitar that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!
  • Guitar Lessons With The A Good Guitar Teacher

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In January 26, 2011
    This is how our new pupils feel after they have been accepted into our very limited program with one of our teachers at Guitar Excellence 🙂    
  • Guitarist Jokes

    By Tyrone Mayer
    In December 7, 2010
    The silly season is upon us and what better way than to celebrate with a few laughs. Here is a compilation of a few good guitarist jokes we found. Enjoy! 1. A Guitarist and a Bassist are arguing backstage and the Drummer walks up to them and asks why they...
  • Replacement Pickups: Humbuckers

    By Stefan Vos
    In November 8, 2010
    As discussed in the last instalment of the investigation of replacement pickups, this is a sure-fire way to hot-rod your guitar, injecting your tone with a new lease on life. This time ‘round, we look at replacing humbucker pickups, so let’s begin by clarifying exactly what humbuckers are: According...